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Argument: Republican de-regulation jeopardizes citizens and consumers

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Supporting quotations "In recent years, Americans have become all too aware of what is at stake in this battle over government. They have lost billions of dollars in investments due the mortgage loan crisis and the resulting meltdown of the financial system. It is clear that lack of effective regulation of financial institutions was a major contributor to this economic disaster. Also, thousands of Americans have gotten sick because of lax and under-funded food inspection programs – thanks again to Republican hostility to the regulation of business. And the lack of regulation of off-shore oil drilling helped to cause one of the largest environmental disasters in our history.

Furthermore, these well-known examples of the disastrous results of the attack on government are merely the tip of the iceberg. There are literally thousands of other cases of how cutbacks on government programs have led to increasing problems and suffering for the public. Consider just one example – the deregulation of rat poison. In 1998, the Environmental Protection Agency mandated child-proofing of rat poisons that were manufactured in candy-like pastel pellets. It required that the pellets have a bitter taste and a bright dye. But some manufacturers protested, and in the spirit of limiting government and getting it off the back of business, the Bush EPA rescinded those requirements in 2001. By 2004, poisons centers were reporting that 50,000 children a year were requiring treatment for ingesting rat poisons – three times as many as when the childproofing requirements were in effect."

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