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Argument: Religion explains origin of universe; science cannot

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Science tells us that all the matter in the known universe (possibly 500 billion galaxies at an average of 100,000 light years across EACH galaxy) was compressed into one single particle the size of an atom, then blew up to become the universe! Take a moment to really think about how "miraculous" an idea that is, though we repeat it as cold fact.

If all the known matter was in that one single atom, than what was that single atom housed in? That question has now lead scientists to seriously consider the idea that matter (existence) has no beginning! A term before now only applied to God and scoffed at by atheists.

There are two logical possibilities for the existence of matter: 1. Matter always was and had no beginning. (absurd right?) 2. There was a point when there was no matter, then it came into being, which is by definition creation.

As human beings, we cannot create or destroy matter to fully experiment with it, or apply logic to the idea that something has no beginning, given that everything in the natural physical world appears to have a beginning and ending. If we consider the two logical possibilities for the existence of matter, both answers are outside the realm of the scientific method of repeatable verification through experimentation, so it can be said logically that existence is supernatural.

Given that both science and religion are products of the same authors, the human mind / soul, it would make sense that they have more in common than not, and although by different methods, they are both leading us to the same truth about our origins.

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