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Argument: Public option cuts obscene profits of insurance establishment

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Supporting quotations

Dave Johnson. "Health Care: Public Option Is A Must". The Huffington Post. June 6, 2009: "The ONLY reason there is consideration of continuing the failed, greedy, destructive corporate insurance system is because the few who get rich off of it are paying off politicians to keep things they way they are. [...] This is about providing what is best for the people, not about watching out for corporate interests and the profits that get funneled up to a few people at the top."

Robert Reich. "Why critics of a public option for healthcare are wrong". Salon. June 24, 2009: "The American Medical Association is dead set against it, Big Pharma rejects it out of hand, and the biggest insurance companies won't consider it. No other issue in the current healthcare debate is as fiercely opposed by the medical establishment and their lobbies now swarming over Capitol Hill. Of course they don't want it. A public option would squeeze their profits and force them to undertake major reforms. That's the whole point."

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