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Argument: Public insurance would not waste money on advertising

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Supporting quotations

Signe Wilkinson. "Unhealthy arguments against public option" Philadelphia Daily News. July 14, 2009: "JUST IMAGINE: "Fireworks Night" at the Phillies' game brought to you by . . . Medicare. Would you wonder why the federal government was spending beacoup bucks on pyrotechnics and a huge sign saying "Choose . . . the Public Option"? [...] Yet the fireworks shows at Citizens Bank Park last Thursday and Friday were brought to the sellout crowds by Independence Blue Cross. When the lights were dimmed to better view the display, one huge sign stayed lit: 'Choose Blue.' [...] Blue Cross and other major health-care insurers are among the most vocal opponents of a robust "public option" in the health-care reform legislation being negotiated in Congress; they say it won't work because government is congenitally wasteful. But it's a cinch that government-run health insurance wouldn't spend money on fireworks or advertising."

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