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Argument: Public insurance should not be compromised away to insurance lobby

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Supporting quotations

Matthew Iglesias. "Health Care Co-ops". Think Progress. July 10, 2009: "I think the larger issue is that you sort of can’t “compromise” around the core political issues here. Insurance companies object to the idea of a public plan because they don’t want to lose business. Anything you dream up that would cause insurance companies to lose business, they’ll object to. After all, what else are they going to do? But anything you dream up that doesn’t cause insurance companies to lose any business isn’t going to accomplish anything meaningful. Insofar as what’s really going on in the halls of congress is that members are trying to balance progressive pressure for a public plan with industry opposition to it, you’re going to keep banging your head against the reality that you can’t split the difference between “incumbents face a new strong competitor” and “incumbents don’t face a new strong competitor.” And incumbents really don’t want to face a new strong competitor—incumbents hate competitors!"

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