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Argument: Public insurance leads to socialized medicine, rationing, long-lines

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Supporting quotations

Dr. Donald J. Palmisano, a leading surgeon and former president of the AMA who heads the physicians group Coalition to Protect Patients' Rights: "The government takeover of the practice of medicine [starting with a public insurance program] will destroy the private health insurance companies, and will result in rationing, long lines, and loss of access to physicians in the patient hour of need."[1]

"The problem with the public option is that our government cannot run any program successfully." Investment Watch. August 18, 2009: "Social Security is broke, Medicare is broke, Medicaid is broke, the government is broke. And they want to run health care??? So we can look forward to another broke program with severe rationing of health care services.

HR 3200 is an attempt to force everyone into a socialized health care system whereby they will ration out consumption of health care services. Old people will suffer the most as they will always be at the back of the long line. They are considered “non-productive” people, therefore they get less attention. And the government does all of this to provide free medical services to illegal immigrates, non-working citizens, etc. It’s not right, but that’s the way socialized medicine works. I have been a practicing nurse for many years and i have never seen anything posted about the number of illegals crowding the ER in any hospital in the country for free health care they cant be turned down even for such things as sore throats, ant bites and toothaches these are non emergency items that cost a fortune and cause any hospital to hemorage money like a fire hose What happened to immigration reform?

No one wants Government Regulating our Healthcare, and Rationing Healthcare. The biggest issue is the Taxes that even Obama Himself has admitted in Town Halls that the Rich will be paying for this Healthcare Plan."

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