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Argument: Privacy issues with gays in the military can be resolved

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Supporting quotations

Om Prakash. "The Efficacy of Don't Ask Don't Tell." Winning essay of the 2009 Secretary of Defense National Security Essay Competition: "If the ban is lifted, basic respect of privacy will be required just as when women were fully integrated into the Services. Previously, the military found a lack of sexual privacy, as well as sex between male and females, undermined order, discipline, and morale.32 Dorm and facilities upgrades will no doubt be required. Sexual harassment regulations and sensitivity training would need to be updated, and guidance from leadership would be necessary. These would not be insurmountable obstacles.

Aside from the heterosexual population, changes in the behavior of the homosexual population would also be necessary. Several homosexual Servicemembers interviewed reported that given their relatively small numbers, and the secrecy they are faced with, hidden networks have evolved. These networks, built under the auspices of emotional support, have also led to violations of the military regulations governing fraternization between ranks. With any lifting of the ban on homosexuals serving openly, internal logic that condoned abandonment of fraternization regulations would no longer have even a faulty basis for acceptance."

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