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Argument: Pickens makes beneficial long-term investments in electric grid

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Supporting quotations

"What Pickens Has Right, What He Has Wrong". ClimateProgress. 28 July 2008 - "First, my two cents on wind: As Joe points out, Pickens’ wind strategy is on the right track. In effect, the former oilman is proposing that America do what Texas is doing. Texas leads the nation in wind power. In a series of progressive actions in recent years, the state legislature established a renewable energy portfolio standard that was quickly achieved, and put a program in place to identify where the electric grid should be expanded to reach places where the wind blows most. Today, Texas is considering an investment of $6.4 billion to build new transmission capable of moving 17,000 megawatts of new wind power.

Pickens doesn’t want to wait for the bureaucracy. He’s investing $2 billion to build the world’s largest wind farm and plans to pay for the transmission lines that will carry the power from the Texas panhandle to Dallas."

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