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Argument: Obama would be a fresh, uncorrupted face in the White House

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Supporting evidence

  • Daniel Vahab. "A Bush dynasty to a Clinton dynasty or Barack Obama, a fresh face". FSUnew. 1/14/08 - "While many will criticize Barack for his lack of experience in Washington, I say it's a good thing. That is, Barack hasn't been as influenced by the corrupt and opportunist scamps that swarm like bees through Washington. His bright ideas represent hope for the nation. His campaign focuses on a strategy of uplifting people, similar to Tony Robbins, but relates that to politics. So far, he's been successful, winning the Iowa Caucuses and almost winning the New Hampshire primaries.
Moreover, I believe the nation is ready, willing and wanting of someone like Barack Obama. That is, someone who represents change, in terms of a new political face. This can be evidenced by looking on the Republican side, with Mike Huckabee winning the Iowa Caucuses - albeit, Huckabee's campaign strategy focused on appealing to Christian voters. Hitherto, no one even considered Huckabee as a legitimate candidate that would win anything on the Republican side. Indeed, Huckabee was the also-ran in the raising of campaign funds by Republican candidates."

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