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Argument: Obama is leading a movement for change, not just a campaign

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Supporting quotations

Susan Estrich. "Blue Streak: The Case for Obama". Fox News. 12 June 2007 - "It's because what he's selling, or saying, if you prefer, makes him so different from the other leading candidates.

He's not out there explaining why he switched his position on this issue and that one; why he voted that way, but would or wouldn't do it again; whether he's sorry or not, was wrong then or right now, would do it differently if he'd known something different that he didn't know or should have known or did or didn't read. He's not talking about how many inches we can move in this direction, about this bill he'll vote for as opposed to that one he didn't, or the other way around, about which compromise he'd make and which he wouldn't.

He's talking about hope and vision and change.

He's talking about a different kind of future and a different idea of politics."

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