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Argument: No need to turn off electronics, etc., on trains

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Supporting quotations

US High Speed Rail Association. CONVENIENCE OF HIGH SPEED RAIL: "High speed rail offers its riders the easiest, most comfortable way to travel. Easy access to downtowns, little or no delays, no security lines, fast boarding, few restrictions, plenty of leg room, a cafe nearby, and a fast ride to your destination - this is what high speed rail delivers day after day."

Time Magazine: "You wouldn't have to get to the airport ridiculously early, take off your shoes, turn off your phone or pay extra for luggage; you wouldn't have to worry about the weather or some Icelandic volcano canceling your trip. You wouldn't have to watch the road, wait in traffic, find parking or pull over to stretch your legs; you wouldn't risk arrest or an accident by drinking or texting."[1]

Detroit Free Press: "Flying has become a miserable, punishing, dehumanizing experience for which you have the privilege of paying hundreds of nonrefundable dollars. From the moment you arrive at an airport, you are made to feel that you 1) own too much, 2) weigh too much, 3) drink too much water, 4) carry too many toiletries, 5) are a security risk, 6) aren't worthy of boarding yet, 7) are too big for your seat, 8) want too much personal space, 9) have to use the bathroom too often, 10) are going to destroy the plane if you press a button on your cell phone.

Think about it. There is not one positive experience in flying, other than actually arriving at your destination. The seats are for grade-schoolers. The food is nonexistent. You can't stand up, stretch, walk or use a bathroom without being hurried, scurried, scolded, or charged."[2]

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