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Argument: No government has ever recognized Tibet as independent

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Supporting quotations

"China, Tibet and Chinese nation. Facts and Figures on Tibet in 1999". The Statistics Bureau of Tibet, 1999. - "China's sovereignty on Tibet for over 700 years

Millions of files in both Chinese and Tibetan recording historical facts over more than seven centuries are being kept in the archives of Beijing, Nanjing and Lhasa. No government of any country in the world has ever recognized Tibet as an independent state.
British Foreign Secretary Lord Lansdowne, in a formal instruction he sent out in 1904, called Tibet 'a province of the Chinese Empire.'
In his speech at the Lok Sabba in 1954, Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru said, 'Over the past several hundred years, as far as I know, at no time has any foreign country denied China's sovereignty over Tibet.'"

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