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Argument: Needle exchanges increase crime

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Supporting quotations

Toni Meyer. "Making the case for opposing needle exchange". New Jersey Family Policy Council. November 16, 2007: "Crime Increases in Area of Needle Exchanges: - Crimes Due to Drug Use: When a needle exchange program (NEP) moves in, associated crime and violence follows, including prostitution which contributes to the spread of AIDS. A spokesperson from the Coalition for a Better Community, a NY City based group opposed to NEPs, visited the Lower East Side Needle Exchange with a NY Times reporter. Their conclusion: “Since the NEP began we’ve seen an increase in dirty syringes on our streets, in schools yards, and in our parks…Brazen addicts shoplift, loot, and steal to buy drugs.” Even exchange workers have been photographed selling needles off-site.1 The recent murder of a 64-yr-old man who frequently visited his wife in a local hospital was found dumped in a building in a pool of blood in Halifax Nova Scotia, and it appears to be connected with the dangerous area he lives in surrounding a needle exchange. A neighbor, who lives in a nearby building said there's frequently trouble in at least one of the two downstairs apartments, including drug use, drinking and fighting, and he said "a lot of weird people" and "really rough customers" have been showing up. There have been a lot of fights, with people "hitting each other around and smacking each other," he said2."

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