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Argument: Nations commiting torture rally an even greater hatred from their enemies

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Supporting evidence

  • "What about the Ticking Bomb Scenario?." Evangelicals for Human Rights. October, 2006 - "The ultimate goal in gaining this information is to protect national security. However, there is good reason to wonder whether the use of torture more deeply motivates extant terrorists, and turns more people from concerned bystanders into hardened terrorists, than any intelligence benefit that might be gained. An editorial in the Vancouver Sun put it well: 'Those subjected to physical torture usually conceive undying hatred for their torturers.'
Further, as has already happened, sometimes the consequences of torture are worse than intended, as when victims die prematurely due to the physical or mental toll. From a utilitarian perspective the main problem here is that a dead person cannot give you any information whatsoever. And, of course, as news of deaths trickle out, moral outrage scandalizes the torturer’s own people, the families and communities of the persons who have died in custody, and general world opinion."

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