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Argument: NCLB flexibly allows disabled to take separate exams

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Supporting quotations

"Defending 'No Child Left Behind'". Christian Science Monitor. August 29, 2005 - "Special ed. To ensure schools are helping all kids learn - and not just covering up deficiencies by reporting test averages - NCLB has schools report reading and math results by student subgroup, including race and disability. But a majority (62 percent) of the public, and many educators, oppose having special-ed scores determine a school's overall performance. They say testing these children at the same grade as other kids sets a school up to fail. [...] The Department of Education is showing welcome flexibility, increasing the percent of students with disabilities allowed to take tests geared to their own ability. The complaint is the increase isn't enough, but the feds are wise to go slowly. Create a big enough exemption hole, and schools will stuff it with underperformers to improve scores. The department can always adjust again."

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