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Argument: NATO is merely a puppet of US imperialism

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Supporting quotations

Rep. Ron Paul, MD. "Against NATO Expansion". Lew Rockwell. 2004 - The further expansion of NATO is in reality a cover for increased US interventionism in Europe and beyond. It will be a conduit for more unconstitutional US foreign aid and US interference in the internal politics of member nations, especially the new members from the former East.

"Why is NATO wrong?". 5 Dec. 2004 - The NATO began after the Second World War, but its origins lie in proposals for a 'union of democracies' in the 1930's. That reflected the emergence of Atlanticism as a specific geopolitical vision, after the successful US intervention in the First World War. Some of the proposals are even older, dating back to the late 19th century: H. G. Wells was one advocate of such a union. These union proposals were usually based on Anglo-Americanism as an ideology, and a belief in the superiority of liberal-democratic parliamentary government. Outside the English-speaking world, they had much less support. That changed after 1945. The second successful intervention of the USA in Europe, in the Second World War, gave an impetus to this model that has lasted 50 years.

The NATO was, and is, as Havel says, "Euro-Atlantic". It could not exist, without the widespread Atlanticism in western Europe. In fact the political elites in western Europe are almost exclusively Atlanticist. The NATO symbolises by its own existence, that there is no European entity capable of resisting the United States. Two generations in western Europe have grown up with this sense of powerlessness and inability. It is ironic that US politicians now complain, that Europeans expect too much from the USA in military commitments. It was, and still is, a theme of US propaganda, that the USA is the sole protector of Europe. The acceptance of that propaganda is a measure of the total acceptance of Atlanticism in Europe.

So the NATO is also an expression of a geopolitical ideal: that Europe should consist of nation states, and not of a European-scale state. In the NATO vision of Europe, each nation state in Europe is primarily allied to the United States of America, the ultimate arbiter of the pattern of states on the European continent. The NATO is an alliance with the US military forces, which are deployed in Europe to enforce this pattern. This in itself is a justification for European rejection of the NATO: it is in a sense an 'occupation force' of Atlanticists.

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