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Argument: NATO expansion threatens and antagonizes Russia

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Supporting quotations

"Russian Chief of Staff Warns Against NATO Expansion". Civil Georgia. 11 Apr. 2008 - Gen. Yuri Baluevsky, the chief of staff of the Russian armed forces, said on April 11 that Russia would protect its interests through military and “other measures” in case of Georgia’s and Ukraine’s integration into NATO.

“No doubt that Russia will undertake measures to defend its interests at its state borders. And these will be not only military measures, these will be other measures as well,” RIA Novosti news agency quoted Baluevsky as saying. When asked to specify “other measures” Baluevsky answered: “We will wait – the issue is ambiguous.”

Mikheil Kaminin, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, said that Moscow would perceive emergence of a military bloc near its borders as a direct threat to its security. “And any claim that this process is not directed against Russia do not satisfy us,” Kaminin told RIA Novosti on April 11.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also warned a few days ago that Moscow would spare no efforts to prevent Georgia’s and Ukraine’s membership in the alliance.

Russian president Medvedeve said in April, 2008 - "We are not happy about the situation around Georgia and Ukraine," Mr Medvedev said.

"We consider that it is extremely troublesome for the existing structure of European security.

"No state can be pleased about having representatives of a military bloc to which it does not belong coming close to its borders."[1]

"NATO Expansion: A Model for Stability or a Grab for Power?". Deutsch Welle. 23 Apr. 2008 - France and Germany should take a stand," said Dan Plesch. "Russia is far more of a traditional European state than Turkey, and yet, it is Turkey not Russia that is now regarded as European. This goes against history and is a dangerous path. In this respect, Poland and the other former communist countries of central and eastern Europe are playing a dangerous game aligning with the US against Russia.

Rep. Ron Paul, MD. "Against NATO Expansion". Lew Rockwell. 2004 - The expansion of NATO to these seven countries, we have heard, will open them up to the further expansion of US military bases, right up to the border of the former Soviet Union. Does no one worry that this continued provocation of Russia might have negative effects in the future? Is it necessary?

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