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Argument: Myths about migrants aim to dehumanize them

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Supporting quotations

"Fact-checking the Israeli government’s incitement against migrants and refugees." Migrant Rights. October 1st, 2010: "The most common myth about migrant workers and especially refugees is that they are prone to criminality (whether because of their culture/race or due to want).[...] A second common myth that is aggressively promoted by the Israeli government is that migrant workers take jobs from Israelis [...] A third common myth that Israeli governments have maintained for years is that the refugees entering Israel from Egypt are in fact illegal migrant workers that face no danger back home. [...] Recently, with the deportation of children of migrant workers and their children looming, another myth was ushered into the public discourse by the government, most notably by Interior Minister Yishai who claimed that migrant workers are having children as an “insurance policy” against deportation. [...] All these myths rob migrant workers and refugees of their humanity, and are aimed at portraying them as less deserving of our sympathy and help. Incitement against migrants exists in all societies, and myths that portray them as outsiders coming to exploit the resources of the state and threats are often promoted by politicians."

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