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Argument: Muslim women are pressured by social conventions to wear the Hijab

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Supporting quotations

Nadia Gaber. "Why I Won’t Veil". The Harvard Crimson. November 17, 2006 - "But even sadder than those who are compelled to wear the hijab by social or cultural pressure are those who are not permitted to decide for themselves at all. I have a veiled friend whose sister decided to wear the hijab at the age of five to emulate her older sister, and has not removed the scarf ever since. The little girl’s resolve is certainly remarkable, but her motivation, given her immaturity, is still troubling. What sexuality does a five-year-old have to hide?"

"Banning the hijab". Workers Power. Feb 2004 - "A leading proponent of the ban, Samira Bellil, of Algerian origin (who was raped twice as a teenager in the Paris suburbs by Muslim boys), provides a graphic example of some of the reality in French ghettos. She argues that girls are being pressurised to wear the hijab, as much to protect themselves from the casual violence of the ghetto, as by their families or religious leaders. In other words, there is the belief that she wouldn't have been attacked if she had been wearing the hijab instead of flaunting herself "bare-headed"."

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