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Argument: More states have ballistic missiles, but most are Western democracies

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Supporting quotations

Philip E. Coyle. "The Obstacles To the Proposed U.S. Missile Defense Systems in Europe". 18 January 2008 - "To defend the need for missile defenses, in October 2007, the White House announced, 'America faces a growing ballistic missile threat. In 1972, just nine countries had ballistic missiles. Today, that number has grown to 27 and it includes hostile regimes with ties to terrorists.'

Similarly MDA’s Obering has a briefing that claims the threat from enemy missiles is growing and shows missiles in 20 countries. But all but two of those 20 countries - Iran and North Korea - are either friends, allies, or countries from which we have no missile threat, e.g. Israel, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, South Korea, Moldova, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc.

Moldova??? Yes, and recently Venezuela was added to the list. (…)"

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