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Argument: Missile defense in the Czech Republic makes the country a target

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

Jan Tamas, spokesman for Czech’s small Humanist Party, which has helped organize protests in the villages of the Brdy area. - "Does it makes us safer? Clearly, it does not. Instead, it makes our small country a terrorist target. Before we were invisible. It makes us less safe."[1]

"10 Arguments against the US radar". No US bases in Czech Republic - The United States wishes to construct a military base in the Czech Republic, which is supposed to protect the US against attack by balistic missiles. However, this base would not protect the Czech Republic. On the contrary, it would subject us to the risk of a nuclear attack in the event of a conflict.

"Slovak prime minister slams U.S. for missile defense adventure". Reuters. 27 Jan. 2008 - Poland and the Czech Republic each have their own point of view, but they share some concerns in common. Neither country faces a threat from Iran, but by hosting U.S. missile defenses in their territory they could motivate new animosity in Iran and other Muslim populations towards Poland and the Czech Republic.

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