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Argument: Migrant rights treaty protects right to enter labor unions

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

Irene Khan. "Invisible people, irregular migrants." The Daily Star. June 7th, 2010: "When business exploits irregular migrants, it distorts the economy, creates social tensions, feeds racial prejudice and impedes prospects for regular migration. Protecting the rights of migrant workers -- regular and irregular -- makes good economic and political sense for all countries -- whether source, destination or transit."

"Saudi Arabia/GCC States: Ratify Migrant Rights Treaty." Human Rights Watch. April 10th, 2003: "Restrictions on the right to organize and join trade unions. In all the Gulf states, laws and regulations either prohibit or restrict migrants’ participation in independent trade union activities. Article 40(1) of the convention provides for the right of migrants “to form associations and trade unions in the State of employment for the promotion and protection of their economic, social, cultural and other interests.” Article 26 affirms the right to join such groups and freely participate in their meetings and other activities."

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