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Argument: Migrant Workers Convention requires only minor changes to state laws

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Supporting quotations

UNESCO: "The Migrant Workers Convention in Europe: Obstacles to Ratification." 2007: "The report then goes on to detail a number of minor legal obstacles that are particular to specifi c states. While the law of all seven of the states analysed for the purposes of this report is in large degree already in conformity with the provisions of the ICCPR, each would be required to alter its legislation, usually in some fairly minor manner, in order to comply with its obligations after ratifi cation. None of these, however, appear to pose serious obstacles to ratifi cation: even in those situations in which states are unwilling to introduce the necessary amendments to domestic legal norms, many of these diffi culties could be overcome by making a reservation to the incompatible Convention provision at the time of ratifi cation. In any event, in a number of countries, most notably Italy and Spain, many of the provisions of national law that are incompatible with the Convention are already the subject of challenges before the relevant Constitutional Courts, and may thus be removed in the near future."

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