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Argument: Medical marijuana will be abused by druggies

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Supporting quotations

The Drug Free America Foundation stated the following in a section on its website titled "Q&A: Marijuana" (accessed Aug. 16, 2007): "Many who claim to need marijuana medicinally simply want to use it recreationally. In states with marijuana dispensaries, the vast majority of 'patients' are young men between the ages of 18 and 25, not the cancer or AIDS victims used in voter ads to exploit our compassionate nature...

'Medicalizing' this harmful substance has caused truly ill people to refuse proper medical care, thinking that because marijuana makes them feel better they are getting better. Medical practitioners and others who are truly concerned for the sick have higher standards and greater compassion – we want the ill to receive the medicine they need. The medical excuse marijuana movement has become a device used by special interest groups to exploit the sick and dying and well-meaning voters for their own purposes."[1]

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