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Argument: McKenna argued for lax standards on stormwater along forest roads

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Supporting quotations

Goldy. "Rob McKenna Goes Rogue. Again." The Stranger. October 24th, 2010: "earlier this month McKenna was at it again, signing the state onto an amicus curiae brief challenging a 9th Circuit ruling that held that stormwater from pipes and ditches along forest roads are 'point sources' that require permits under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System. Both Commissioner Goldmark, who was directly elected to manage state forest lands, and Gov. Gregoire refused to join the lawsuit. Likewise, the federal Environmental Protection Agency declined to file an appeal. But that didn't stop McKenna from joining the state of Arkansas in arguing for lax environmental regulations that actually puts Washington at a competitive disadvantage.

The irony is that Washington state is already committed under its voluntary Habitat Conservation Plan to eliminate stormwater runoff into streams by 2015, consistent with the NEDC v. Brown, so overturning the ruling would potentially make our timber industry less competitive with that in states with less stringent environmental regulations. But, I guess that's not as much a concern for McKenna as currying the industry's favor."

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