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Argument: McCain has the integrity to place principle before politics

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Supporting quotations

Ralph Peters. "John McCain's Integrity Problem". Real Clear Politics. July 23, 2007 - Senator John McCain has an integrity problem: He has too much of it. At a time when would-be presidential candidates in both parties alter their views depending on the prevailing winds, McCain stands up for what he truly believes.

And he's paying for it.

McCain is the only presidential aspirant in either party who refuses to pander. It may cost him the election, as we, the people, reward those who tell us what pollsters decide we want to hear, rather than supporting the honorable few still willing to tell us uncomfortable truths.

"Post Endorses John McCain". New York Post. 8 Sept. 2008 - McCain has been in Washington for many years now, but he is not of Washington. He knows where the levers of power are located - and how to manipulate them - but he is not controlled by them.

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