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Argument: Marijuana prohibition is equally impossible as alcohol prohibition

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Supporting evidence

  • Matt Simon. "Marijuana ban failing just as Prohibition did". Concord Monitor. January 30th, 2008 - "Alcohol prohibition was one of the most disastrous social policy failures in U.S. history. The financial burden of policing the newly created black market proved exponentially higher than the financial burden of enforcing legitimate laws governing reckless and aggressive behavior. The taxation and regulation of alcohol has been a great success in New Hampshire and the United States. The problems caused by irresponsible drinkers are dealt with by law enforcement, violent gangs no longer control any piece of the alcohol market, and the term "police corruption" is no longer associated with alcohol.
Despite the fact that alcohol is a dangerous drug, a drug strongly associated with assaults, domestic violence and severely impaired driving, the people of New Hampshire know better than to believe government has any right to stop adults from drinking. Many members of the law enforcement and criminal justice community have come to understand that prohibition is a failure for marijuana as well (a less dangerous drug, by any honest scientific standard), and the organization known as Law Enforcement Against Prohibition is growing by leaps and bounds."

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