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Argument: Marijuana legalization would be heavily regulated

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Parent debate

Supporting evidence

  • Norm Stamper. "Legalize drugs — all of them". Los Angeles Times. December 4, 2005 - "How would "regulated legalization" work? It would:
    • Permit private companies to compete for licenses to cultivate, harvest, manufacture, package and peddle drugs.
    • Create a new federal regulatory agency (with no apologies to libertarians or paleo-conservatives).
    • Set and enforce standards of sanitation, potency and purity.
    • Ban advertising.
    • Impose (with congressional approval) taxes, fees and fines to be used for drug-abuse prevention and treatment and to cover the costs of administering the new regulatory agency.
    • Police the industry much as alcoholic-beverage-control agencies keep a watch on bars and liquor stores at the state level. Such reforms would in no way excuse drug users who commit crimes: driving while impaired, providing drugs to minors, stealing an iPod, assaulting one's spouse, abusing one's child. The message is simple. Get loaded, commit a crime, do the time."

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