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Argument: Many nations welcome women in military and combat operations

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Supporting Evidence

Many other countries, which, like the U.S., have been faced with declining numbers of young men eligible for military, service during the last decade, have increased the numbers and job opportunities for women. For example:

• In January 1990 the British opened seagoing positions on combat ships of the British Royal Navy to women.
• Five NATO nations have no combat exclusion laws or policies: Canada, Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway, and Portugal. In :addition, Greece, The Netherlands, and Turkey have no statutory restrictions, although they do have selected policies.
• Women in Canada and Denmark are trained as fighter pilots.
• Although women in the Israeli armed forces are restricted to noncombatant roles, Israeli women, like Israeli men, are :generally subject to military, conscription (there are some exemptions from compulsory service for women). Women are assigned to :front-line combat units; if the unit is deployed on a combat mission the women are evacuated.
• Approximately 6,000 women serve in support roles in Japan's Self-Defense Forces.

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