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Argument: Mandates wrongly give insurers millions of new customers

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Supporting quotations

Howard Dean. "Why The Public Health Insurance Option Is Worth Fighting For". Think Progress. August 19, 2009: "Real health care reform that includes a new public health insurance option would give Americans a real choice and not reward for-profit health insurers with 47 milllion new customers."

Robert Creamer. "Three Reasons Why a Strong Public Option is Likely to be Part of Health Insurance Reform" Huffington Post. August 18, 2009: "most major health insurance markets are dominated by two or three companies so there is no real competition -particularly with respect to price. [...] Once everyone is required to buy insurance, the companies can have a field day raising prices and profits using the government to guarantee they are paid - either through subsidies or the imposition of fines. You can see why, from an insurance company perspective, this would be a great deal. [...] But from the point of view of the taxpayers - and the insurance ratepayers - it would be a disaster. It would be like giving the insurance companies a license to take your money - with no regulation - all enforced by government edict."

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