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Argument: MBA teaches how to operate/lead organizations at scale

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Supporting quotations

Thomas MacKay. "10 reasons why you should get an MBA." July 5th, 2007: "6. You'll learn how to read and interpret business statements. The MBA curriculum teaches you to understand and interpret financial statements, marketing plans, market analyses, audit reports and business development plans. [...] It's also helpful when trying to understand your own organization's operating environment: The better you understand the way your company is moving, the better able you'll be to position the IT department in front as opposed to being dragged along behind. Being in front, on the leading edge of change, is more fun and will make the IT department much more valuable to the company."

Dr. Ranee Kaur Banerjee. "Top 10 reasons to get an MBA." Bright Hub. June 8th, 2010: "#4: "An MBA will broaden my horizons and make me more effective in my work"

There is an inherent difference between an MBA and general post-graduate courses. In the conventional streams, you tend to begin with a generalized education and progress to more and more in-depth knowldge of your area of interest as you go into higher education. The more degrees you get, the narrower your focus becomes.

The MBA does the opposite of making you a specialist. It takes you through the theories and practices of general management. You are made to understand the different aspects that make up an organization and are given an overview of its functional areas. Even the subjects you "specialize" in--Finance, Human Resources, Marketing etc.--are expansive in their scope.

Your horizons are sure to widen with an MBA qualification.

2: "I'll be able to take a leadership role in my organization

Say you're an accountant in an advertising agency. You know your own job really well and you know you have the ability to become a more integral part of your organization. You want to grow in company and gradually become involved in the making of the agency's future financial policies and strategies. With an MBA and a more rounded understanding of the management of a business, you will be able to take a leadership role and become a specialist who can maximise his contribution to the organization."

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