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Argument: MBA provides key knowledge for starting/running a business

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Supporting quotations

Dr. Ranee Kaur Banerjee. "Top 10 reasons to get an MBA." Bright Hub. June 8th, 2010: "Top 10 reasons to get an MBA."]: "MBA provide core knowledge in how to start, run, market, and grow a business from the ground up. This knowledge is not innate, and learning it while starting a business could simply mean that the business fails. #1: 'I want to start my own enterprise and an MBA will help me do it' I can't think of a better reason to go get that MBA qualification. [...] I firmly believe that the world needs more job makers than job seekers. Second, I know a lot of people who are entrepreneurs at heart and have really good ideas but they have to be contented working for others because they don't know how to run a business and don't want to risk failure. If you're one of them, sign-up for an MBA right now, because it will give you the knowledge, the network, the basic experience and the confidence to execute your ideas into reality."

Vivek Wadhwa. "Is an MBA a Plus or a Minus in the Startup World?" July 10, 2010: "In the startup world, it’s simply survival of the fittest. You have to involve yourself with almost every aspect of the business—and use all skills. I would find myself having to develop and manage budgets; help market and sell; hire; assist in setting corporate strategy; and review legal contracts. As well, I still had to develop technology and deal with all the uncertainties and failures that come with a startup.

My MBA classes seemed to fit our business needs like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Even obscure topics like corporate finance came in handy, in IPO discussions with investment bankers and later, in raising capital for my own company.

So I have no doubt that my MBA was the best investment I’ve ever made, and my education helped me achieve success."

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