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Argument: MBA is not necessary to career/salary advancement

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Supporting quotations

"MBA pros and cons.": "It’s not necessary to have an MBA in order to work in management."

Eric Wilinski. "Who should get an MBA and who shouldn't?" MBA Jungle: "The MBA is not essential for a leadership role in business—plenty of top executives got where they are by moving up through the ranks—but business school can be a great way station on the road to a leadership-oriented career."

"MBA pros and cons.": "In many cases people get MBAs because they don’t know any other way of getting a promotion or raise."

"Why Achieving an MBA is No Longer My Goal." Cash Money Life. April 13th, 2009: "Professional Goals. My professional goals no longer dictate the need for an MBA either. While an MBA would help me if I were to pursue a managerial path, I have come to the realization that I don’t mind where I am in my career at this time. When I first joined the civilian workforce I felt like my options were limited, but as my experience has grown, I feel like there are more options available to me."

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