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Argument: MBA generally offers professional credibility

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Supporting quotations

Thomas MacKay. "10 reasons why you should get an MBA." July 5th, 2007: "1. It gives you credibility with your business peers. Having an MBA demonstrates your commitment to the business because you've invested the substantial time and energy required to obtain the degree. It shows that you value the business perspective and recognize that the technology you implement, support and develop is intended to enable business activities and is not an end in itself. An MBA also indicates that you've mastered a certain level of knowledge in business management, which gives you the ability and confidence to speak on equal terms with executives outside of IT. Because IT touches nearly every part of the modern business enterprise and because IT managers are increasingly involved in business processes, the MBA adds credibility to your perspective when you're discussing technical solutions to business problems with your colleagues."

Christopher Cummings. "Is An MBA Necessary For Product Managers?" Product Management Meets Pop Culture. January 18, 2010: "Right or wrong, I felt there were Big Gaps in my repertoire–gaps that couldn’t be bridged in my normal day-to-day. More than that, I felt outclassed, outgunned, by the more senior people in the organization who had both degrees and experience."

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