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Argument: Legalizing euthanasia places an unreasonable burden on doctors

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

Bakker 21:36-37 - "The Committee was also told that, for those physicians who will perform euthanasia, it is always a difficult act. I know doctors have done it ten times, and the tenth time it is with as much difficulty as the first. It is done on the request of the patient, and it is because the patient is suffering, but it is still very difficult for a doctor. That is my experience."[1]

Leenen 21:67-68 - "When the Dutch panel was asked if physicians ever said "Never again" after performing euthanasia, one replied: I was one of them. The first time I performed euthanasia, I said that I would never do it again. One of my patients then asked me to do it for him, and I decided that I could not refuse him, no matter how I felt. I had known him for almost ten years. I also knew his wife and family."[2] This demonstrates that despite having been clearly affected by the first euthanasia, the possibility that patients will request euthanasia puts doctors in a tight spot of having to agree.

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