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Argument: Kyoto is an important first step in the right direction

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Supporting quotations

Peter Tabuns. "Kyoto-Lite: It's a Lot Better Than Nothing". Toronto Globe. 24 July 2001 - The world knows it must reduce its emissions by 2012. It knows by how much and through what method. It is no longer possible to claim that we don't know the rules.

There will be some who believe Kyoto is too weak. Their arguments are valid, but they should remember the landmark Montreal protocol on CFCs and the ozone layer. That agreement started out weak but, once the architecture was in place, the protocol quickly adapted itself to keep pace with scientific evidence of the ozone layer's depletion. There is nothing to suggest the Kyoto protocol cannot be similarly strengthened.

"Turkey should sign Kyoto Protocol, says Nobel winner". Turkish Daily News. 13 May 2008 - I cannot believe that people would accept the destructive consequences of climate change on the human race. Of course a lot of irreversible environmental damage has already occurred globally, but that does not mean that we should not act and take preventative measures. The whole process is one of increasing awareness of the international community about the environmental issues facing us as a planet. I see this as a process of positive steps � it may not be going as fast as I would like � but it is going somewhere, incorporating the developed and the developing countries. The consensus now is that we need to start taking action; it is no longer politically acceptable to be sitting on the sidelines.

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