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Argument: Kyoto Protocol violates national sovereignty and controls

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Supporting quotations

Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas, stated in his 2007 book From Hope to Higher Ground by Mike Huckabee - "It would have been a mistake to sign the Kyoto Treaty since it would have given foreign nations the power to impose standards on us."[1]

Steve Kubby, a Libertarian 2008 candidate for US President and founder of the American Medical Marijuana Association. Nov. 9, 2007 - "No. In the past, such protocols and agreements have primarily been instruments for transferring American wealth to third world countries, and for placing the burden of environmental protection largely on America's shoulders. America should work unilaterally to reduce its own carbon emissions without allowing itself to become entangled in the separate agendas of other governments. America was the engine of the Industrial Revolution which, although it created the pollution problems we face now, also vastly improved the standard of living worldwide. Freedom and the market will allow us to be the engine of the NEXT industrial revolution -- the revolution in which we once again make quantum leaps in the improvement the quality of human life while addressing the problem of pollution, and in which we once again deliver those solutions to a waiting world."[2]

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