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Argument: Kosovo independence could spark conflict with Serbia around Metrovica

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Parent debate

Supporting evidence

'They will take those uniforms off and they will put back on Serbian police uniforms,' Kuperman said. 'And now you could really have the spark for war, because now you would have Serbian police patrolling inside a nominally independent Kosovo. The Albanian militants in Kosovo would see that as a red flag to a bull.'"
...Obrad Kesic, an analyst of Serbian politics, agrees that the area north of Mitrovica where 40 percent of Kosovo's 100,000 Serbs live is a potential flash point.
'If there is a perception that there is a threat to the Serbs in Mitrovica and north of the Ibar River, Serbia is going to have a very difficult decision to make in terms of what it is going to do,' Kesic said.
Kesic says it is impossible to predict how events will unfold in the next few weeks. He, like Kuperman, does not rule out of the possibility of military conflict."

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