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Argument: Kangaroo shooting may be preferable to culling by dart-euthanasia

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Supporting quotations

Emeritus Professor Gordon Grigg - University of Queensland. "Kangaroos on defence lands - another view". March 18th, 2008: "Darting followed by lethal injection sounds simple and humane, and is probably a good option for small numbers of animals. For animals at high density, because you have to be close to shoot the dart and because it takes time for a dart to take effect, the proximity of the shooters and the odd behaviour of the darted individual all contribute to a stressful situation for the other kangaroos which will hop about frantically in great distress."

Kangaroo Culling on Defence lands – Fact Sheet": "Isn’t there a more humane option? A powerful rifle-shot to the cranium results in one of the most humane deaths administered by humans to any wild or farmed vertebrate animals in the world. Death is instantaneous while the kangaroo is going about its normal activities. No yards or transport are involved."

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