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Argument: Kangaroo culling to fight overpopulation cannot be compared with whaling

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Supporting evidence

Yes, because kangaroos and whales are the same thing.
For starters, they're being culled because there's too many of them - Not just for 'scientific research'. I'm sure if there was too many whales in the ocean, our government would probably turn a blind eye to Japan's whaling. I know I would."
  • Emeritus Professor Gordon Grigg - University of Queensland. "Kangaroos on defence lands - another view". March 18th, 2008 - "I note that parallels are being drawn between the present situation in the ACT and Australia's opposition to whale hunting by Japan. I can't see the parallels; the whales are free ranging in a natural environment, they are not beyond their carrying capacity and damaging the environment in a confined area, and they are not at risk of running out of food and dying of starvation. The motivation too is markedly different. Something clearly has to be done about the kangaroos on humanitarian and environmental grounds, and quickly, and it is fortunate that (unlike with whales) there is an effective and non-stressful way to reduce the population."

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