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Argument: Israeli strikes ignore history; no military solution with Palestinians

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Supporting quotations

"Israel must withdraw from Gaza". Guardian. January 4, 2009 - the reality on the ground is that Israel has sent in troops and returned to the failed strategies of the past. A deeper and more terrible tragedy is beckoning.

"Israel's Gaza assault wastes lives without changing anything". The Daily Star. December 29, 2008 - For the Israelis, once they have exercised this latest spasm of gratuitous bloodletting, there will be yet another opportunity to accept the oft-proved impossibility of a military solution. The Palestinian people will not be battered into submission, no amount of air strikes will make the core issues in the moribund peace process go away, and all of the same difficult decisions will still be waiting when the dust settles. All of the broad outlines and even some of the nitty-gritty details of a durable peace have been known for years, and a very generous offer - unanimously endorsed by the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference - has been on the table since 2002.

Tom Segev wrote in Haaretz: "[T]he assault on Gaza does not first and foremost demand moral condemnation - it demands a few historical reminders. Both the justification given for it and the chosen targets are a replay of the same basic assumptions that have proven wrong time after time. Yet Israel still pulls them out of its hat again and again, in one war after another."[1]

"Killing a two-state solution". Guardian. December 29, 2008 - Ms Livni has been Israel's lead negotiator with the Palestinian authority in the West Bank and she has invested more political capital than most in the goal of creating a Palestinian state. If she thinks she is clearing the way for a moderate Palestinian state by trying physically to eliminate the leadership of one half of the population, she is sorely mistaken. There has been no diminution of support for Hamas in Gaza, as a result of Israel's policy of blockading it, and support for Hamas may well rise as a result of these airstrikes. The Palestinians have always had a rejectionist wing, which for so long was represented by Fatah. Israel, too, has those who reject a Palestinian state, including many settlers. To think a solution can be found by killing rejectionists is to deny the entire course of the history of the Middle East.

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