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Argument: Israeli offensive in Gaza combats Hamas-Iran ties

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Supporting quotations

"Israel's Gaza Surge". Wall Street Journal. January 4, 2009 - For the broader Middle East, the issue is the expansion of Iranian influence and terror. Like Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Sadrist "special groups" in Iraq, Hamas has become part of Tehran's bid for regional hegemony. The Bush Administration's regional setbacks in 2006 went far to encourage that Iranian ambition, though the surge has contained it in Iraq. Hezbollah remains stronger than ever in Lebanon, however, and Hamas has been pressing to humble Israel with an eye to deposing Mr. Abbas's Palestinian Authority on the West Bank as it has in Gaza.

"Rockets from Gaza have exhausted Israel's patience". The Seattle Times. December 31, 2008 - Hamas, both a ruling political party and resistance movement, is the primary irritant to the festering wound that is Gaza. [...] Reviled by political rivals in the Palestinian parliament and despised by neighboring Egypt, Hamas is an open surrogate for Iran.

Steve Hunegs. "Editorial counterpoint: The justice of Israel's actions". Star Tribune. January 6, 2009 - Its patron, Iran, harbors genocidal ambitions with respect to Israel while denying the Holocaust and developing nuclear weapons to threaten the United States, Europe, America’s Arab allies and Israel. Israel is practicing its right of self-defense in destroying the terrorist infrastructure of Hamas in Gaza through land and air operations.

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