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Argument: Israeli attacks may force Hamas to accept a more durable ceasefire

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Supporting quotations

Larry Derfner. "Rattling The Cage: Israel should get out of Gaza now". The Jerusalem Post. January 8, 2009 - against all the death and suffering this war has brought to innocent people, against all the destruction and hatred and potential for catastrophe it's created, the war has given us one important benefit: Hamas's fighting and terror machine has been hurt substantially. These losses, along with the horrible devastation to Gazan civilians and their country, might make Hamas more willing to not only propose, but also to honor a truce that gave freedom to Gaza and security to Israel.

That would be the greatest possible benefit from this war - both to Israel and to Gaza's people. It might actually reverse this disastrous course we're all on and, in a couple of weeks, help a new American president send some real "hope" and "change" our way.

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