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Argument: Insurance co-ops will require government involvement/problems

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Supporting quotations

Rick Moran. "Health Insurance Co-ops Too Much Like the Public Option". American Issues Project. August 18, 2009: "It would be an enormously complex undertaking — almost as difficult as trying to establish nationalized health care. And the question of whether it would be any better than the public option as far as keeping government out of the private health insurance business is of deep concern to many. While most cooperatives are run by the consumer shareholders, a statewide entity might find such a set up too unwieldy and simply have some crony of the governor heading it up."

"Health Care Co-Op Supporters Don't Know What They're Talking About". Huffington Post. June 18, 2009: "Ralph Reed, telling Sean Hannity that co-ops are actually rampantly horrible big-government public optionism, in Trojan Horse form: Sean, the co-op they're talking about will be heavily subsidized by the federal government and initial subsidy of $3 million and that's just the tip of the iceberg because they're always wrong on their projections. Remember the public option, the government run plan masquerading as a co-op will be subsidized with our tax dollars and that will lead to substandard care across the board and be a major problem."

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