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Argument: Injecting sulphates into the atmosphere would destroy the ozone

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Supporting quotations

"Solar shield would damage the ozone layer". New Scientist. 30 Apr. 2008: A PLAN to tackle global warming using a "sulphur sunshade" could backfire spectacularly - such a shade could punch huge holes through the ozone layer above the Arctic and delay the full recovery of the Antarctic ozone hole.

Alan Robock. "20 reasons why geoengineering may be a bad idea". Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist. 2008: 3. Ozone depletion. Aerosol particles in the stratosphere serve as surfaces for chemical reactions that destroy ozone in the same way that water and nitric acid aerosols in polar stratospheric clouds produce the seasonal Antarctic ozone hole.8 For the next four decades or so, when the concentration of anthropogenic ozone-depleting substances will still be large enough in the stratosphere to produce this effect, additional aerosols from geoengineering would destroy even more ozone and increase damaging ultraviolet flux to Earth’s surface.

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