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Argument: Increasing migrant rights can cause international tensions

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Supporting quotations

Stanley Pignal. "EU faces threat to migration principle." Financial Times. September 28 2010: "Viviane Reding, the EU’s justice commissioner, is looking to reprimand a clutch of member states, perhaps as many as a dozen, for failing to implement fully the 2004 European law guaranteeing free movement for citizens, but on technical grounds – such as for failing to ensure full legal rights for migrants – rather than for fundamental breaches. In dealing with this dossier, there are worries that Brussels may open a Pandora’s box as it seeks to enhance the working of the rules in favour of migrants. These are turbulent political waters for the European Commission, which as an unelected supranational body has steered clear of immigration issues, among the most sensitive topics in any of its 27 member states. Indeed, officials worry her actions could spark an adverse reaction from some member states, for example by tying intra-EU migration with the more contentious debate regarding new arrivals from outside the EU. 'If the European Commission pushes too hard on this, and rubs member states the wrong way, you could easily see a politicisation of the internal migration debate, which has so far benefited hugely from not being a political debate at all,' said one national diplomat."

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