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Argument: Incest cannot be successfully banned

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Supporting quotations

"Tainted love: Are we wrong to treat incest as a taboo?". Independent. March 4, 2007 - Dr Wilhelm says he expects the court to make their final ruling within one to two months. Even if the court rules against the couple there is little doubt that Susan and Patrick will continue their union. "I know we will never voluntarily leave each other," Patrick has said. "If anyone doubts our love they should just see we will not be kept apart."

"It is perfectly legal for them to live together, to share a bed," says Dr Wilhelm. "The only thing that constitutes breaking the law is if they have penetrative sex." Patrick voluntarily underwent a vasectomy in the summer of 2004, Whether they win or not, Susan and Patrick will find their way back to each other, most observers believe. "And then, who will be able to determine whether they are sleeping together, anyway?" asks Dr Wilhelm.

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