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Argument: Hybrids outshine hydrogen cars in performance and price

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Supporting quotations

Dr. Joseph Romm has a PhD in Physics from MIT and was acting assistant secretary of energy under President Clinton. He said in an interview with Motor Trends, "Compared with hybrids, the fuel-cell car will cost a lot more, have three times the annual fuel bill, a third of the range, limited fueling options, major safety and liability issues, and it won't be greener than the hybrid for two or three more decades. Plus, the hybrid is a moving target that'll keep getting better and better. H2 cars are being pushed by people who haven't done the analysis correctly on the environmental side. And on the policy side, have simply done the analysis wrong. The prospects for the fuel-cell car will only be harmed if it's introduced too soon."[1]

Hybrid Hydrogen. 27 Sept. 2006

"Hybrids greener than hydrogen cars - study" ABC Science. 10 Mar. 2003

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