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Argument: Hybrids actually have more power than gasoline vehicles

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Supporting quotations

Ed Hunt. "Why hybrid cars are here to stay". Christian Science Monitor. 4 Apr. 2002 - "the best-kept secret of hybrid-electric vehicles is that this technology can have performance advantages in addition to better mileage.

The reason you never hear about hybrids winning Formula 1 races is because the international sanctioning body banned the technology. Hybrid cars would have had an unfair advantage on the track because the electric motors would have given them bursts of extra power. Too quick for Formula 1? A hybrid? At recent motor shows, Honda and Ford rolled out variations on the hybrid theme that emphasize performance and power – not fuel efficiency. Both concepts borrow tricks refined in hybrids like the Insight to boost their engines, making them perform better. (Oh, and they pollute less and get better mileage, too.)"

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