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Argument: Hybrid cars are an important step in the right direction

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Supporting quotations

"Hybrids and Cleaner Vehicles: No Good Car Goes Unpunished". Joel Makeover. 8 Feb. 2006 - When it comes to finding alternative solutions to America's long love affair with Middle East oil, it seems that no good deed goes unpunished. After years of berating the auto industry for dragging their collective heels on producing energy-efficient and alternative-energy vehicles, there seems to be precious little tolerance for anything short of perfection. True, time is short and the list of environmental, health, and global security problems associated with our unabated petroleum use is depressingly long. But getting from here to there isn't easy. There's no single, silver-bullet solution but rather -- and refreshingly -- an increasingly diverse menu of options: competing technologies, fuels, and vehicle choices.

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